Pirate Boat Retro

Our Pirate boat drive system is a retrofit drive system designed for large pirate boats of any manufacturer. Principally we have existing engineering to suit Huss, SDC and Fabbri rides, however, the system can be adapted for rides by any vendor.

The system is based upon state of the art AC drive technology, which allows an efficient, quiet and elegant traction system.

Since the system's release in February 2013 we have sold a number of units within the UK and USA.

There are basically 4 main elements to the system as described below:

1. Motor drive unit

The motor drive unit is comprised of a SEW Eurodrive 75kW AC geared motor mounted on a pivoting chassis.

There is a drive wheel with pneumatic tyre on the output shaft of the gearbox and this can be brought in and out of contact with the keel of the boat by inflating and deflating pneumatic bellows under the chassis.

At the rear of the motor is an air applied brake to hold the boat in position during loading and unloading operations.

At the rear of the brake is mounted an incremental encoder which provides feedback to the inverter drive.

The drive units provides traction in both directions by quickly reversing the motor, the boat position being determined via an encoder fitted to the top axle. It also slows the ride at the end of the cycle by dissipating the energy through built in brake choppers and into a resistor bank.

In normal operation the wheel stays in contact with the keel at all times.

2. Control cabinet

The control cabinet is a powder coated steel or stainless steel (optional extra) enclosure that houses all of the control equipment for the ride.

The cabinet is divided into two sections using an internal partition. This is to achieve thermal separation from the brake resistors as these are predisposed to generating excessive heat in operation.

The cabinet is ventilated via an axial fan switched from an internal thermostat, there is also a small cabinet heater controlled via an internal hygrostat.

The brake resistor compartment is permanently ventilated with its own axial fan unit.

The emergency stop circuit is controlled using a proprietary safety relay affording at least SIL level 3 for this element.

The ride control is achieved via a PLC and the output to the motor is through a 95kW closed loop vector drive. Braking is achieved utilising twin brake choppers in a master / slave arrangement into twin braking resistors.

Two lighting outputs are provided as standard, switched from the operator panel, these just provide simple on/off control for feed to external sequencer or static lights. Full sequenced multi- channel lighting control can be integrated as an optional extra.

The control as standard allows for control of the existing lap bar systems (ie 3 phase output for hydraulic motor and 3 x solenoid valve outputs).

Lap bar monitoring can be also be integrated as an optional extra, should this be required.

3. Operator panel

The operator panel is mounted in a powder coated mild steel enclosure with stainless steel front panel.

There is an LCD display which displays real time information about the operating conditions of the ride as well as maintenance features which enable detailed system statuses to be displayed.

Ride operator presence switches can also be integrated as standard should these be required by the operator.

The control can be provided with or without shunt trip function depending upon local regulatory requirements.

4. Top encoder and home sensor assembly

The top encoder assembly is mounted on a stainless steel chassis and houses the components to allow the ride control to know the axle position.

The encoder is a 50 pulse per revolution incremental type which adds and subtracts from an internal register within the PLC. It is linked to the axle via 1/2” pitch roller chain.

There is also an inductive sensor which detects when the boat is in its central position.

Maintenance panel

The system is provided with a plug-in maintenance panel. This connects to the side of the main control panel.

The maintenance panel allows all of the outputs of the system to be operated manually, for use during set up and maintenance operations.

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