Off the Shelf Technical Solutions

We have a number of pre-engineered, pre-tested solutions to various problems and requirements within the ride industry.

Matty Taylor
Owner, M&Ds

"The system does exactly what is says on the box. We have not lost a day's operation in the two years since it was installed."

Much faster and more cost effective

Our off-the shelf solutions can can generally be delivered much faster and more cost effectively than a custom designed product. A selection of our pre-engineered solutions is listed below. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please get in contact with us to discuss your ride challenges.

New ride control system & technical services for Flying Carpet

A selection of our pre-engineered solutions

  • Small ride restraint locking system
  • Rotating tunnel safety control
  • Round ride retro-fit control
  • Sodium bath speed control replacement
  • Water chute traffic light system
  • Train automatic barrier control
  • Pirate Boat retro-fit drive system
  • Zierer Flying Carpet replacement PLC
  • Ride Test seats for pre-queue evaluation of┬álarger visitors
New ride control system for pirate ship

Regain control of your ship helm

Get in touch to discuss a pirate ship retrofit drive system.