Amusement and theme park creative theming solutions

We deliver amusement and theme park creative theming solutions for individual rides or the wider amusement park.

From sketching the first design to delivering a control panel, Amusement Technical will take your themed attraction from conception to completion – safely, on time and within budget.

Everything we do is underpinned by a extensive amusement park industry experience and a commitment to the highest professional standards.

We relish the opportunity to be creative and produce uniquely themed pieces, so would love to hear your idea and bring it to life.


This themed waterfall arch stands at 3m tall, water cascades down obscuring the passage through. The water stops when the visitors approach the entrance. The unit is designed to run on a single phase power supply and is self-contained with integral reservoir, pump and PLC based control.

Magic Tap

Our magic tap stands over 3m tall and comes as a stand-alone self-contained unit with reservoir and pump setup. The tap is constructed from GRP and is mounted on a transparent Polycarbonate tube. The tap can be finished in any colour to the customer requirements.

Let’s talk about your rides

Whether you want to commission a new ride, refurbish an existing one, buy a stock item
or simply source some spare parts then we can help.