Mtatsminda Theme Park

Mtatsminda Park purchased a ghost house from LunEur Park in Rome. This huge, three-storey construction had been designed and manufactured in the 1980s and was never originally intended to be moved. Amusement Technical was brought it to dismantle, relocate and re-install the ghost house.

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Landmark Forest Adventure Park

Amusement Technical has carried out various projects for Landmark such as theming for the Lost Labyrinth including a Magic Tap and Magic Waterfall and safety and control systems for the water slide and rotating tunnel.

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Palace Playland

Amusement Technical was brought on board to retrofit the Pirate Ship with a brand new on-demand electrical drive system. Like all other older HUSS Pirate Ships, Palace Playland’s ride used an oil-powered hydraulic drive, which was gradually causing more and more problems. The heated, high-pressure oil ran the risk of spilling and incurring fines from the local environment agency. Meanwhile, the drive placed a greater manual burden on the ride operator than more modern rides.

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Tayto Park Case Study

Amusement Technical began working with Tayto Park soon after it opened, supplying the park with our popular in-house Honeypot Bears version of the classic teacup ride. With a minimum rider height of just 90cm and even babies able to ride the Bears if held by an adult, the ride really is open to everyone.

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The Big Sheep Case Study

Amusement Technical provided a total turnkey solution for the refurbishment of the Rampage rollercoaster including track repair and mechanical assembly; car manufacture and new control system. This is the largest and fastest rollercoaster in Devon.

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Current Used Rides Brochure

This brochure contains a listing of all current used rides available for sale today. All are in excellent condition and full working order. They can be shipped directly to you or we can provide a turn key solution. Please ask for pricing details.

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10 Steps to Creating a Compelling Theme Park Ride

Thinking about commissioning a new theme park ride? Do you wonder about the necessary stages to designing and building the ride? Here Amusement Technical covers off the essential 10 steps to creating a compelling amusement ride...

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State Fair of Texas Case Study

A new drive system fitted to the Huss Pirate Ship at the State Fair of Texas. The solution incorporates a motor drive unit, control cabinet, operator panel, top encoder and home sensor assembly – all while retaining the ride’s classic looks.

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